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WASTED, our first digital play which focuses on environmental racism, trash, and examines the question “What & Who does society make disposable?” Since June 2019, our youth ensemble, made up of 13-19 year olds from the south and west sides of Chicago, has investigated this issue, collecting stories and doing research, while also working directly with the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (LVEJO) to learn about and lift their work.

Originally slated to open in May at our Pulaski Park theater, circumstances of our project shifted due to shelter-in-place regulations. Almost immediately, our youth ensemble worked with the directing and production team to pivot this work to a digital presentation. Each ensemble member filmed their portions of WASTED individually in their homes with kits provided by our designers and production team to bring this project to life in a form we can share with our Chicago community, and beyond.

WASTED is directed by Katrina Dion, with assistance from Marilyn Carteno and Sebastian Olayo; produced and production managed by McKenzie Chinn; stage and rehearsal managed by Val Buchanan; editor and production coordination by Jaaron Drew; scored by Jacqueline Guerrero (cqqchifruit); set design & direction by Eleanor Kahn; costume design & direction by Sal Yvat; props design & puppets by Nina D’Angier; lighting design & direction by Rachel Levy; lighting assistance by Conchita Avitia; set support by Andres Lemus-Spont.

Free Street seeks to bring live exchange to all of our programming, as such, this play will feature facilitated moments for the audience to engage with throughout the experience.

Each performance will also feature a live after-show; guest artists and organizations TBA.

EVENT LINK || A will be emailed out to ticket holders the day before or day of event, depending on time of purchase.

TICKET PRICING || This performance, created and performed by youth in communities directly impacted by the effects of environmental racism, is offered to you by donation. But free theatre is not free to make! All artists involved were paid, and Free Street invested in new equipment and technology to make filming possible. If you have the capacity to donate, any amount that is significant to you is significant to Free Street and helps us to continue doing the work we’ve been doing for 51 years.

Donations of $1, $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 all help us do the work.

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