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Her Honor Jane Byrne

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WBEZ at Lookingglass Theatre Company

Her Honor Jane Byrne

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Lookingglass Theatre Company is thrilled to announce an audio collaboration with WBEZ 91.5 Chicago to present Her Honor Jane Byrne. The play, which premiered on the Lookingglass stage in March 2020 just five days before the Theatre had to close due to COVID-19, was written and directed by J. Nicole Brooks, Lookingglass Ensemble Member and Mellon Playwright in Residence.

Chicago is “The City That Works”—but does it work for everybody? Tune in to find out as the city’s simmering pot of neglected problems boils over and Chicago’s first woman mayor moves into Cabrini-Green. It is ambitious, timely, and an important piece of work about the way geography, race and inequality line up in Chicago – and how choices made in the past are still playing out in our city today.

The world premiere radio play of Her Honor Jane Byrne will air on WBEZ (on air and live online) on Thanksgiving Day from 11AM-1PM and Saturday, November 28 from 2-4PM on WBEZ 91.5 Chicago.

WBEZ at Lookingglass Theatre Company

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