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Christmas Comes But Once A Year

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Oak Park Festival Theatre

Christmas Comes But Once A Year

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At a backwater British university, a trio of squabbling academics attempts to unlock an ancient puzzle box containing the script for Christmas Comes But Once A Year, a long-lost holiday extravaganza penned by a quartet of Shakespeare’s contemporaries. And in a flashback to November 1602, those playwrights—Thomas Heywood, Henry Chettle, Thomas Dekker, and John Webster—struggle to complete an “accessible” holiday story.

Can they meet their deadline? Will their famous frienemy “Wm Shakspr” come through with a bit of help? And why was Christmas Comes But Once A Year erased from history? Past and Present collide messily in this rollicking new holiday comedy.

Oak Park Festival Theatre

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Saturday, Dec 12
  1. 7:00pm