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Black and White News: The Plan!

Black and White News: The Plan!

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Everybody’s got somethin’ to say. Pick a side as The Second City’s BIPOC comedians weigh in on everything from scientists vs. flat Earthers to Christians vs. astrologers to herd immunity vs. quarantiners. We’re talking about the BIG issues that matter, with special guests – White people! So, put your tight jeans on – it’s supposed to be uncomfortable! Why are we doing this? We know that the comments sections have you wondering whether you’re taking race, sex, religion and politics too seriously or not seriously enough. Am I right? Are you wrong? Maybe (probably). Come give your opinions a workout with verbal aerobics from a Black perspective and virtually laugh your head off. Even you, Karen.

The Second City

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Thursday, Mar 4
  1. 7:00pm