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Beyond the ‘Line: Cultivate Your “Navigating the News” Superpower

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TimeLine Theatre Company

Beyond the ‘Line: Cultivate Your “Navigating the News” Superpower

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The play might be delayed, but the conversation has begun! This fall, TimeLine is offering public programs and related web and social media content inspired by Campaigns, Inc., a world premiere production that had to be postponed due to the pandemic. Learn more about other ways you can engage with the themes of Campaigns, Inc., including a live event, wine tasting, and more!

All class sessions will take place virtually via Zoom video conference

In these days of “fake news,” click-bait, and news bubbles, the ability to be a critical consumer of media is more essential than ever. This two-part workshop inspired by Campaigns, Inc. trains students in a variety of techniques for analyzing pieces of media in this election year, covering topics such as media ownership, journalistic good practice, distinguishing opinion programs, satire, bias, and fact-checking tools. We’ll cover the history of news manipulation, and offer tools and practice that will give participants greater confidence as they navigate today’s media landscape.

TimeLine Theatre Company

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Tuesday, Oct 20
  1. 6:00pm