Half-Price Theatre Tickets


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Hot Tix different?

Hot Tix is a service of the non-profit League of Chicago Theatres on behalf of the theatre industry in Chicago. We offer you amazing half-price deals, an incredible choice of shows, and friendly customer service at our convenient in-person locations in Chicago’s Loop. When you purchase tickets from Hot Tix, you help to fund a range of important activities in the Chicago theatre community.

What is your phone number?

Hot Tix does not take phone orders and cannot hold tickets. For inquiries and recommendations, you can call our Chicago theatre geniuses at 312-977-9483 Tuesday – Saturday 11am-6pm. You may also reach us by email at help@chicagoplays.com. Please note that our half-price tickets must be purchased online or in-person at one of our outlet locations. For your security, staff will not take billing information over the phone.

When are you open?

Hours vary based on location. Please see our Locations page. Half-price tickets can also be purchased online at any time.

What are the COVID-19 policies for each theatre?

Each theatre venue will have their own protocols and policies. The policies are included on each Show Page on the Hot Tix website. We encourage you to take note of the theatre’s vaccination and mask policy before finalizing your purchase. Policies are subject to change. If you have questions, we encourage you to reach out to the theatre directly or call Hot Tix at 312-977-9483.

When does the website update?

The Hot Tix team updates the website continuously between 11am and 6pm each day as half price tickets become available. Check the website often for new show additions, as more tickets may be added throughout the day. You can also follow Hot Tix on Twitter for the latest updates.

Are all shows on the Hot Tix list?

Hot Tix receives half-price tickets from League of Chicago Theatres member theatres on a voluntary basis. While most theatres in Chicago are members of the League, if you do not see a show on the list, we encourage you to call the theatre box office directly for full-price tickets. To receive regular Hot Tix emails with featured half-price shows in Chicago, click here.

If a show is not on your website, does that mean it’s sold out?

Half-price tickets may become available at a later time, so check our website regularly. Even if a show is not on our list of half-price deals, tickets may still be available from the theatre at full-price. For more Chicago theatre and show information, visit ChicagoPlays.com.

Why am I directed to Ticketmaster for some shows?

The majority of our half price tickets are now sold through Spektrix, a powerful ticketing system made specifically for arts organizations; however, some venues will still direct you to Ticketmaster where you will enter the offer code HOTTIX to access half-price tickets. For shows that redirect you to Ticketmaster, you will still use your Ticketmaster account login information to complete those purchases.

Why is there a service charge?

As a service of the non-profit League of Chicago Theatres, Hot Tix has operational costs. For these reasons, there is a small service charge applied to each discounted ticket. The service charge varies depending on the ticket price and helps Hot Tix continue to offer half-price deals and further enable the League to promote, support, and advocate for the Chicago theatre community. All fees are subject to change and our staff reserves the right to correct pricing, availability, and performance times at point of purchase.

Are the advance sale tickets still half-price?

Yes, all tickets on the Hot Tix list are half price.

How far in advance do you offer half-price tickets?

There is no limit to how far in advance a theatre may offer half-price tickets through Hot Tix. Most theatres offer half-price tickets for the current week, but some theatres choose to make tickets available in advance for the full run of their production. Always check our website at HotTix.org for new half-price performance dates.

What does “Assigned at Box Office” mean?

This simply means that the theatre’s box office assigns the seats on the day of the show. For shows that display this text, go to the theatre box office no sooner than one hour before the show to receive an assigned seat for each Hot Tix ticket purchased. Unless otherwise noted in the show description, the seats will be full-view. If you would rather have assigned seating at the time of purchase for those theatres, we recommend that you contact the theatre box office directly to purchase full-price tickets.

Are these good seats?

All discounted tickets sold through Hot Tix are full-view seating unless otherwise noted. If a show is not general admission seating, theatres oftentimes designate certain sections or rows to Hot Tix patrons. When purchasing in-person for some shows, the Hot Tix staff can provide more information or show you where your seats will be.

How can I get accessible seating through Hot Tix?

Hot Tix is happy to help with your accessible seating request. To accommodate your needs, please call the Hot Tix staff directly at 312-977-9483 during regular business hours to receive help with your ticket purchase.

Are the tickets available at the outlets different than those available online?

No. All seats sold at outlets and online are from the same inventory of half price tickets. All Hot Tix locations sell from the same pool of discounted tickets.

How can I find out more about the shows and theatres listed?

Visit ChicagoPlays.com for a comprehensive list of theatres in the Chicagoland area. Search for shows by neighborhood, genre, on stage now, or coming soon.

Does the staff make recommendations?

The theatre geniuses at Hot Tix have a wealth of information about many of the shows on our list. Not only do they see several shows a month, but they also get feedback from customers on a daily basis. Hot Tix is an essential part of a visit to Chicago, especially if you want to know what’s playing or would like to explore a Chicago neighborhood. Stop by for an expert opinion on great values to dozens of top Chicago shows.

If I purchase from Hot Tix online, how do I get my tickets?

All tickets purchased online from Hot Tix will be held at the theatre’s box office before the show. Tickets will be available starting one hour prior to performance time, unless otherwise noted. Please bring your printed confirmation, valid ID, and purchasing credit card to the theatre. The purchaser must pick up the tickets from the theatre’s box office.

A performance was listed on the website, but tickets were unavailable. What happened?

While the Hot Tix theatre geniuses update the website with ticket inventory changes throughout the day, it’s always possible that we will sell out of a given performance. If tickets are no longer available, we recommend you contact the theatre directly to purchase full-price tickets. To find out the likelihood of additional half-price tickets being offered for a specific production, please call 312-977-9483 Tuesday – Saturday 11am-6pm.

What is your refund and exchange policy?

There are no refunds or exchanges through Hot Tix. All sales are final.

What happens if a performance is cancelled?

If you arrive at the theatre and the show has been cancelled, check with the box office first. Theatres may exchange your tickets for another performance or make other arrangements. You may always come back to the point of purchase to receive a full refund in the manner of the purchase. If you purchased Hot Tix half-price tickets online and the show is cancelled, your purchasing credit card will be refunded automatically.

What happens if I’m late to a performance?

Late seating is done at the sole discretion of the House Manager at each theatre. Some theatres are very small and do not allow late seating. We always recommend that you arrive at the theatre 20 to 30 minutes before the start of the performance. Please allow for extra travel time during inclement weather or rush hour.

Still have questions? Email us at help@chicagoplays.com or tweet to @HotTix. We look forward to helping you experience more of Chicago’s 250 theatres!