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26 Half-Price Shows

The Armando Diaz Experience

The Second City's Improv Comedy Hour

Deck the Hallmark: A Greeting Card Channel Original

Algorithm Nation or The Static Quo


The Best of The Second City

The Space Show with Comet

Drunk Shakespeare

The Late 90's

Always in Trouble presents "Good Trouble"

She the People: The Resistance Continues

The Scene

Dick Wolf Improv

Hot Seat

Night Caps with All Caps

The Second City e.t.c.'s 43rd Revue: Grinning from Fear to Fear

The Second City's After Hours: A Late Night Improv Show

The Second City's Legendary Laughs

Late Nite Catechism

Bible Bingo

Bye Bye Liver: The Drinking Play

Fire and Beer

Nihilism in Color, and Other Chuckle-Inducing Buffoonery

Season Pass: Deux Over

Twice, Thrice, Frice...

Holy Ghost Bingo - God, Goblins & Games